Creating the Perfect Peach with ‘Queen of Bootys’ Kiki from Peachy By Kiki - How to contour amazing bums with fillers…

Creating the Perfect Peach with ‘Queen of Bootys’ Kiki from Peachy By Kiki - How to contour amazing bums with fillers…

Here at Aesthetics Outlet, so many of our buyers are practitioners who we truly respect for their incredible work and influence in the aesthetics world. We think this is a great source that we want to utilise for the benefit of our amazing buyers. So we’re going to be bringing you a series called AO's Clinic Convos, with us talking to these different Clinic's of the aesthetics world, so you can find out their advice, tips, tricks and more of how they they achieve these amazing results on their clients. Clinic Convos is a fab way for current and potential customers to see why other professional practitioners love using us to provide them with their aesthetics needs. 

This week, we’ve been talking to Kiki of @peachybykiki better known as the 'Queen of Bootys' for her amazing ability to create beautiful bums. She specialises in body contouring, as well as being well known for her non-surgical BBLs and lip and facial filler. Based in Manchester, she is well known on the Manchester Aesthetics scene, particularly for her booty skills! She always puts safety first, being fully CPD accredited. We asked you what top tips you wanted to hear from her about how to help your clients get the bums of their dreams - and she delivered! 

Kiki loves shaping bums and hips with filler because it's non-surgical - it involves no implants, and no fat transplanting, meaning it's much less of a risky procedure. Another great thing about contouring bums with filler is that the bum can be smoothed and sculpted until it's the perfect shape. So how does she achieve those perfect peachy bootys?


Before and Afters by peachybykiki

What’s your absolute favourite product for contouring bums?

"My fave product from AO is definitely Hyacorp -  it’s a dream to inject. It's one of my favourite overall body contouring fillers, and I find it ideal to sculpt bums with. It's thicker viscosity makes it perfect"

Understand the best fillers for the job
As practitioners, it's vital to be knowledgeable about the various types of fillers available for enhancing the bum. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are commonly used for this purpose, as they provide natural-looking results with minimal risks. Familiarise yourself with the different filler brands and their specific characteristics, such as viscosity and longevity. This knowledge will enable you to select the most suitable filler for each client's needs.

Hyacorp MLF2 CE

Number one recommended - Hyacorp MLF2 CE by peachybykiki

Q: What are your tips for aftercare?

"It is SOOOOO important to keep it clean and dry and avoid extreme temperatures both hot and cold. … As well as resting up and staying hydrated (great excuse to be waited on hand and foot if you ask me!"

Ensure post-treatment care and follow-up

After the procedure, provide your clients with detailed post-treatment care instructions. Tell them that it’s best to avoid strenuous activities, direct pressure, and sitting on their bum for prolonged periods. Encourage them to maintain good overall health and engage in regular exercise to optimise their results. Pen in follow-up appointments to assess their progress, address any concerns, and plan for maintenance treatments as needed.


Q: What are your top tips for naturally helping hip dips?

"There are no top tips for hip dips! There is no way to improve without filler or surgery and surgery is high risk so I would recommend a trip to me 😂 " 

Strategic injection techniques

Creating the perfect bum involves employing strategic injection techniques to achieve the desired shape and projection. Emphasise the importance of anatomical knowledge and precision during training sessions with your staff. Teach them how to assess the client's buttock area, identify the optimal injection points, and accurately inject the filler to add volume and enhance contours. A skilled approach will ensure natural-looking and harmonious results, no matter what the client is worried about, such as issues as hip dips or loss of volume. 

Q: What are your top tips for creating great bums?

"Top tips are to get to know your client and exactly what they want and make sure expectations are managed! You need to understand what they're expecting, and you need to make them understand what they should be expecting. Another top tip is also using a Cannula. I love using a 17g x 100mm Cannula because the length is perfect!"

Proper consultation & managing of expectations

Before embarking on any aesthetic procedure, a thorough consultation is crucial. Take the time to understand your client's motivations, desires, and expectations regarding their bum enhancement. Assess their unique body type, paying close attention to the existing shape and proportions of their bum. This comprehensive approach will allow you to create a personalised treatment plan that aligns with their goals.

It's also essential to manage client expectations throughout the treatment process. Educate your clients on the temporary nature of fillers and the need for maintenance treatments to sustain results. Discuss the expected duration of the effects and the importance of a healthy lifestyle to support long-lasting outcomes. By setting realistic expectations, you can ensure client satisfaction and maintain a transparent practitioner-client relationship

Q: Would filler in this area minimise cellulite?

"Yes, filler can be used to help the appearance of cellulite, by filling in dimples and smoothing out the affected areas!"


Number one recommended - NEO Filler Cannular by peachybykiki


Q: And finally, what would you say to an aspiring aesthetics practitioner

"To aspiring practitioners I would have to say... Be yourself, find your own style and put the work in!"

We asked Kiki what the most common questions that she receives from her clients are...

1. I always get asked which fillers are used for butt lifts...
Body contouring fillers are the best to use for these kind of procedures. This is because they have larger molecules in them, perfect for filling larger spaces, giving a smoothing effect.
2. Can hip dips be fixed using fillers?
Yes they absolutely can, and in my opinion this is the best way to address hip dips as it's the least invasive. Hip dips cannot be changed with exercise even though loads of people claim they can, so this is also the best bet to get rid of them!
3. How long does it take to get butt fillers?
It takes roughly an hour to do a butt lift with fillers, with normally around 2 to 3 sessions for the ideal results!
4. Are butt fillers reversible?
Yes they are, similar to face and lip fillers. This is because they are made of Hyaluronic Acid so are dissolvable with hylarase injections - but this does take a bit of time. 

Q: And finally, what would you say to an aspiring aesthetics practitioner

"To aspiring practitioners I would have to say... Be yourself, find your own style and put the work in!"


Enhancing the perfect bum with fillers is an art that requires skill, knowledge, and an understanding of your clients' goals. By conducting comprehensive consultations, selecting the appropriate filler types, employing strategic injection techniques, and combining treatments, you can help your clients achieve their desired derrière transformations.

As practitioners, our goal is to empower our clients to feel confident and beautiful. With the right techniques and expertise, you can create exceptional results that will leave your clients super happy with their new and improved bums! 

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